A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The Last Survey is a narrative essay game about a geologist contracted by a Brazilian mining company to survey rare earth metal reserves. Their research has found that there is not enough metals on the planet to sustain growing industries of green energy and you must deliver these findings to the company's CEO.

Based on studies by nickel and silver prospectors, geoscientists, and mineral analysts, recent findings show there isn't enough mineral material on the planet to sustain the current rate of electric car, high efficiency fuel cell, and solar paneling manufacturing.

Will your choices help steer the direction of your employer away from global mineral fatigue? Or will the urgency of your research fall on unsympathetic ears?

Story, Design, and Illustration:
Nicholas O'Brien

Big Dog Little Dog

Intrinsic Grey

Download .zip file and open game application, all interaction based on mouse clicks. Additional instructions included at game start.

See how far you can get in the conversation. Depending on your choices, you'll be asked to leave prematurely.


*This game is currently still in development, the downloadable files are for a demo of the first chapter. Feedback/Comments are appreciated & encouraged.*


The Last Survey - Chapter 1 (Mac OSX) 126 MB
The Last Survey - Chapter 1 (Windows) 125 MB

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This was a really interesting experience! I thought the animation style was very engaging and helped keep all of the text visually stimulating. Even though this is an early chapter, there's already a clear and interesting perspective on the ramifications of the globalized mining industry. I think this could be a very useful story for getting people to engage with an underrepresented issue.

Thanks so much! Really glad you got a chance to play. I'm going to be publishing some big-ish updates soon so I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts!

missing GNU/Linux version - it's known that Unity also compiles to GNU/Linux...

Thanks for the feedback @nitrofurano! 

I've released my other games on Linux, but haven't had a chance to test The Last Survey on a Linux distro yet. Since the game is still in development I haven't got around to it... but if you're interested in volunteering to test it and letting me know how it runs, that'd be great! 

Otherwise, I'll be sure to let you know when I release a build for Linux. Thanks again!

yes, i'm interested! will be a pleasure testing the GNU/Linux version! thanks for the feedback as well!

Awesome! I found your contact on your website so I'll send you a message in the next couple of days for testing :)

thanks! :)